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UPVC is now largely used for windows and doors, gutters, fascias, drain pipes, It can last many years. However, the pollutants in the air, acid rain, oil, bird droppings, moss and algae can soon rest on the UPVC surface. Cleaning can be quite time consuming and hard work, not to mention the health and safety issues. But if left, then this surface dirt becomes ingrained and becomes much more difficult to clean. This and the suns UV rays also causes discolouration.

We at improve can clean and maintain your UPVC so it will always look its best and both enhance the appearance and value of your property.

We use good old fashioned hard work to clean UPVC no Pressure washers used.

Products used


SX Cream Cleaner


A high quality, viscous cleaner that has mild abrasive cleaning properties for effective cleaning of PVCu window and door frames. Due to the material being non solvent based, it is an ideal non hazardous cleaner complying to Health & Safety criteria that forbids the use of solvent based cleaners.


USES: Suitable for cleaning all types of white and veneered PVCu frames, panels, cladding and trims.


Technical Data


SX Solvent Cleaner


A cleaner for most types of white and veneered PVCu frames, sills, boards and panels. This solvent cleaner has a fruity pear drop type odour.


USES: Suitable for cleaning most PVCu windows and garden furniture. This high specification solution allows for excellent wetting out and quick drying whilst removing practically all known contaminants such as grease, finger marks, labels etc without causing any damage to the plastic surface. Once dried, the cleaned surface can be polished back to its true colour

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