Improve Maintenance Bolton gutter cleaning service

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Improve Maintenance Bolton complete gutter cleaning service. Areas covered Bolton, Farnworth, Bromley Cross, Sharples, Egerton, Horwich, Westhoughton, Edgeworth and surrounding areas.

Improves 4-point gutter cleaning program.

  • Clear all debris from gutters.
  • Test down spouts.
  • Test gutter seals.
  • Test drains.

Average cost, between £35 — £50


Clearing above conservatories?

We have various tools to tackle clearing above conservatories and most we can clear.


Why are gutters important?

The most damaging agent your house has to contend with is water. This water is usually in the form of rain. Good guttering makes the difference when it comes to keeping your home safe from the effects of rain water. It is a shame that in too many cases homeowners do not appreciate the value of their gutters and allow them to become clogged with sticks and leaves. The result is that their homes suffer substantial damage around the foundation and along the outer walls.


How can Something as Seemingly Insignificant as Guttering Make Such a Difference?


For one thing, water accumulating around the foundation causes a situation in which mould and mildew can grow. Water can seep into the basement or crawl space. Puddles create an even more damaging situation in the winter when they repeatedly freeze and thaw near the foundation.

The contracting and expanding of the water causes any cracks in the foundation to get worse. What's more, the runoff from the rain can cause erosion of the topsoil in the garden?

And this is not only the case at the foundation, but can also happen along the exterior walls when the eaves do not have enough overhang. Rain water runs over the outer wall where the guttering fails, and the result is damaged siding.


This is especially true when the siding is made from material that is not waterproof. Vinyl siding might hold up pretty well with water running over it, but hardboard lap siding or any sort of wood will suffer damage sooner than you think.


What to Do to Minimise Damage from Defective Guttering


First of all, have leaky, rusty gutters replaced.




The trapped water will cause the leaves and sticks to decay into fresh new compost. The next thing you know, you have a crop of baby trees growing in your gutters like a little row of vegetables in a garden. This looks bad and contributes to the eventual rundown of your home, so clean out those gutters.


We at Improve will clean out your gutters and then test your down spouts to make sure there are no blockages, after this is completed we test you drains just to make sure the rain water is flowing away from your house and foundations.

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